LMI-based H∞ controller of vehicle roll stability control systems with input and output delays

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Many of the current research works are focused on the development of different control systems for commercial vehicles in order to reduce the incidence of risky driving situations, while also improving stability and comfort. Some works are focused on developing low-cost embedded systems with enough accuracy, reliability, and processing time. Previous research works have analyzed the integration of low-cost sensors in vehicles. These works demonstrated the feasibility of using these systems, although they indicate that this type of low-cost kit could present relevant delays and noise that must be compensated to improve the performance of the device. For this purpose, it is necessary design controllers for systems with input and output delays. The novelty of this work is the development of an LMI-Based H∞ output-feedback controller that takes into account the effect of delays in the network, both on the sensor side and the actuator side, on RSC (Roll Stability Control) systems. The controller is based on an active suspension with input and output delays, where the anti-roll moment is used as a control input and the roll rate as measured data, both with delays. This controller was compared with a controller system with a no-delay consideration that was experiencing similar delays. The comparison was made through simulation tests with a validated vehicle on the TruckSim® software.
This article belongs to the Section Physical Sensors.
Networked control systems, Input and output delay, H∞, Controller, Vehicle dynamics, Roll stability control
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Redondo, J. P., Boada, B. L. & Díaz, V. (2021). LMI-Based H∞ Controller of Vehicle Roll Stability Control Systems with Input and Output Delays. Sensors, 21(23), 7850.