PROF-XXI: Teaching and Learning Centers to Support the 21st Century Professor

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PROF-XXI is a European-funded project whose aim is the creation of Teaching and Learning Centers (TLCs) for Latin American Higher Institutions in an effort to promote the development of competences for university professors and foster teaching innovation in onsite, but also in online and hybrid education. PROF-XXI includes a partnership of seven higher education institutions, three from European countries (Spain, France, and Portugal), and four from Latin American countries (two from Guatemala, and two from Colombia). This article presents the main results of the first part of the project, including the diagnosis of institutional practices, the state of the art of TLCs around the world, the framework on 21st century professors in Latin America, and the PROF-XXI framework.
Teaching and learning centers, Teacher training, Competences, Educational innovation
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Delgado Kloos, Carlos; Perez Sanagustin, Maria Del Mar; Alario Hoyos, Carlos; Hernández, Rocael; Solarte, Mario; Morales, Miguel; Jerez, Oscar; Moreira Teixeira, Antonio; Kotorov, Louri; Oliva-Córdova, Luis Magdiel; Gonzalez Lopez, Astrid Helena; Fernández Recinos, Alejandra; Jaramillo, Daniel (2021). PROF-XXI: Teaching and Learning Centers to Support the 21st Century Professor. . : Pp. 447-454