Análisis de comportamiento en tiempo real de los usuarios de Twitter

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The purpose of this work is to develop a tool that analyzes Twitter profiles in real time. The framework where every part of the project is included is detailed in each section, establishing the relationship between each one of them. The dataset analyzed comes from profiles of the social network Twitter, and the analysis algorithms used in this work are based on the philosophy of Evolving Systems. Thanks to them we can create models representing all the data analyzed with a low cost storage. The decision to develop an application of this type is based on the rise that nowadays has the analysis of data from social networks. Social networks today are a constant reflection of the daily lives of many people, and thanks to the massive data collection and analysis of this data we can obtain useful knowledge applicable in multiple areas. In our case, Twitter is the third most used social network worldwide, so its influence in society is very high. Some possible applications of our tool are for example: advertising campaigns, television events tracking or analysis of the impact of broadcasts on Twitter.
Redes sociales, Twitter, Análisis de datos, Desarrollo de aplicaciones, Algoritmos
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