5G: Where is the Money?

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One of the most relevant issues in the new Digital Transformation is how telcos could create new 5G ecosystems. The use of new 5G technologies enters the telecommunication market in a very disruptive way. Telcos could be prepared for another technological change since the telco industry lived many transformations in the past. With 5G and their disruptive technologies, the result will be, making telcos enter in a non-telco area. Because of that, they will need to interact with different verticals and new partners. There are many technical kinds of literature covering these new 5G technologies, but few of them, cover how telcos should manage and do business with them. Some studies affirm that The telco companies who do not understand that they must interact with others as part of the new ecosystem will eventually die. However, not all are bad news for telcos, the future is not written. There are new opportunities and considering the logical technological restrictions and the possible and realistic possibilities, there is an open space that will be defined by the decisions that will be taken by the industry. This paper aims to clarify these concepts behind the new business models which are its usages, and its roles in the information system domain. To do that, the paper identifies the terminologies used to describe new business models and reuses the previous literature to elaborate on the research. General usages, roles, and potential of the concept are also outlined. The intention of this dissertation is to be used by non-technical people. Basic concepts are explained in a very simple way to allow readers to have an overview of the technical issues needed to understand the conclusions. How to present technical information, in a non-technical way, represents an extra challenge for the author. Finally, concrete and pragmatic proposals will be offered to telco managers and CEOs, to start working in the direction towards monetization of 5G, helping them with company decisions.
5G, Telecommunications, Business models, Cloud, Virtualization, NFV, SDN, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Ecosystems, 5G definition, Internet of things
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