Electro-optic system for online light transmission control of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal windows

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Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals (PDLCs) are formed by micro droplets of liquid crystal embedded in a flexible matrix and sandwiched between transparent electrodes. Large area units (several square meters) can be easily prepared. Opaque, transparent, and intermediate light transmission states can be achieved by applying appropriate electric fields These features allow their use in active windows for illumination, greenhouse regulation, and privacy, both on buildings and vehicles. An electro-optic system based on a micro controlled driver was implemented for on-line control of PDLC windows. The system may self regulate daylight or may be used as remote control.
Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals, Electro-optic system, Microcontrolled driver, On-line privacy control
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Optical Engineering, 2002, vol. 41, n. 7,p. 1608 -1611