Runaway electron imaging spectrometry (REIS) system

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A portable Runaway Electron Imaging and Spectrometry System (REIS) was developed in ENEA-Frascati to measure synchrotron radiationspectra from in-flight runaway electrons in tokamaks. The REIS is a wide-angle optical system collecting simultaneously visible and infraredemission spectra using an incoherent bundle of fibers, in a spectral range that spans from 500 nm to 2500 nm, and visible images using a CCDcolor microcamera at a rate of 25 frames/s. The REIS system is supervised and managed using a dedicated LabVIEW program to acquire datasimultaneously from three spectrometers every 20 ms (configurable down to 10 ms). An overview of the REIS architecture and acquisitionsystem and resulting experimental data obtained in FTU are presented and discussed in this paper.
Runaway Electron Imaging and Spectrometry System, REIS, Tokamaks, FTU
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Review of Scientific Instruments, (2019), 90(7), 073501, [9] p.