Design of Wideband Circular-Slot Antenna for Harvesting RF Energy

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The design of a wideband circular-slot antenna for RF signal harvesting is reported in this work. e proposed design frequency range accommodates the leading contributors to the available RF signals accessible by the RFEH node. ese widely utilized frequency bands comprise GSM1800, UMTS2100, Wi-Fi2.450, and LTE2600. e antenna geometry comprises circular-ring radiating component lled with two orbital circular and rectangular slots. At the bottom plane, a pair of rectangular and semirectangular-circle slits are integrated. e antenna presented is designed on a double layer of 1.6 mm high FR-4 substrate. e source antenna achieved a simulated and measured impedance bandwidth (BW) of 1.510 and 1.590 GHz, amounting to 68% and 73% fractional BW (FBW), covering -10 dB reection coecient (|S11|) between 1.640 to 3.150 GHz and 1.550 to 3.140 GHz, in that order. e wideband circular-slot source antenna realized a maximum measured gain of 1.88, 2.13, 2.81, 3.22, and 4.32 dBi for 1.800, 2.100, 2.450, 2.650, and 3.20 GHz, respectively. e proposed design dimension on the printed board is 0.61 lambdag × 0.70 lambdag. e improved antenna gain is obtained from a circular parasitic patch coupled to the defected ground structure (DGS) for better RF energy harvesting in an ambient environment.
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Muhammad, S., Smida, A., Waly, M. I., Mallat, N. K., Iqbal, A., Reza Khan, S. & Alibakhshikenari, M. (2022). Design of Wideband Circular-Slot Antenna for Harvesting RF Energy. International Journal of Antennas and Propagation, 2022, 1-9.