A Partial parametric path algorithm for multiclass classification

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The objective functions of Support Vector Machine methods (SVMs) often includeparameters to weigh the relative importance of margins and training accuracies.The values of these parameters have a direct effect both on the optimal accuraciesand the misclassification costs. Usually, a grid search is used to find appropriatevalues for them. This method requires the repeated solution of quadraticprograms for different parameter values, and it may imply a large computationalcost, especially in a setting of multiclass SVMs and large training datasets. Formulti-class classification problems, in the presence of different misclassificationcosts, identifying a desirable set of values for these parameters becomes evenmore relevant. In this paper, we propose a partial parametric path algorithm, basedon the property that the path of optimal solutions of the SVMs with respect tothe preceding parameters is piecewise linear. This partial parametric path algorithmrequires the solution of just one quadratic programming problem, and anumber of linear systems of equations. Thus it can significantly reduce the computationalrequirements of the algorithm. To systematically explore the differentweights to assign to the misclassification costs, we combine the partial parametricpath algorithm with a variable neighborhood search method. Our numerical experimentsshow the efficiency and reliability of the proposed partial parametricpath algorithm.
Multi-class SVM, Piecewise linearity, Partial parametric path algorithm, Variable neighborhood search
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