A solution for transparent mobility with route optimization in the IP multimedia subsystem

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This paper presents TRIM+, an architecture for transparent mobility management with route optimization in IMS based networks. The design of our architecture is based on a previous work referred to as TRIM. TRIM was originally devised to provide transparent mobility support in the IMS, although transparency came at the cost of using a suboptimal data path between communicating end points. TRIM+ maintains transparency as a design criterium, and thus end-user applications, running at the mobile node and its correspondent communication peers, are unaware of mobility management procedures. Additionally, the proposed design defines a set of route optimization procedures, allowing compliant devices to use the optimal data path for media communications. Furthermore, TRIM+ addresses packet loss management in scenarios where the media path cannot be maintained during the handover of the MN. To this end, our architecture enables the MN to request buffering capacity in its home network to temporarily store incoming media traffic during the handover, which would otherwise be dropped. This mechanism, as well as route optimization procedures, are executed transparently to the end-user applications running at the communicating end points. As a proof-of-concept, we have implemented a software prototype of the TRIM+ architecture, deploying it over a real IMS testbed. By means of a set of experiments, we have validated the mechanisms proposed in this paper, considering both UDP and TCP user traffic.
IMS, Transparent mobility, Handover management, Route optimization
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Computer Communications 36 (2013) 1726–1744