The social media presence of Ibex 35 top executives and their role as influencers

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Influencers are the new brand narrative. This is why many companies and institutions are positioning their executives -using their full names- to build loyalty amongst their diverse client base. On the other hand, the reputation strategy known as ''CEO Executive Visibility'' aims to promote a brand by putting the spotlight on its top management and aligning their character traits with the values that the organisation wishes to transmit, thus capturing new audiences, improving follower loyalty and generating more engagement. Along these lines, and using content analysis and quantitative research methods, and combining economic and communication factors as theoretical underpinnings, this investigation examines how the chairpersons of the companies listed in the Ibex 35 (the Spanish benchmark index) use the main social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and personal blogs). The results obtained show how executive visibility strategies are applied in Spain and who the main influencers in this financial environment are. This research evidences that the chairpersons of Ibex 35 companies do not post consistently on social media and that there is a link between the public image of a company's top management and the perception of a company and its commitment to its audience.
Influencers, Ceos, Ibex 35, Narrativa de marcas, Ibex 35, Executive visibility, Social media, Company directors, Brand narrative, Visibilidad ejecutiva, Redes sociales, Presidentes de empresas
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Pérez-Serrano, M.-J., García-Santamaría, J.-V., & Rodríguez-Pallares, M. (2020). The social media presence of Ibex 35 top executives and their role as influencers. Communication & Society, 33(2), 313-328.