From Raw Data to FAIR Data: The FAIRification Workflow for Health Research

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BackgroundFAIR (findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability) guidingprinciples seek the reuse of data and other digital research input, output, and objects(algorithms, tools, and workflows that led to that data) making themfindable, accessible,interoperable, and reusable. GO FAIR - a bottom-up, stakeholder driven and self-governedinitiative-defined a seven-step FAIRificationprocessfocusingondata,butalsoindicatingtherequired work for metadata. This FAIRification process aims at addressing the translation ofraw datasets into FAIR datasets in a general way, without considering specific requirementsand challenges that may arise when dealing with some particular types of data.
Interoperability, Data science, Data curation, Data anonymization, Metadata
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Methods of information in medicine. 2020 Jun;59(S 01):e21-e32.