Lokalmodifikatoren der Beziehung zwischen Nominal- und Adjektivsyntagmen im Spanischen und ihre Entsprechungen im Deutschen sowie ihre zusätzliche Determinierung mittels eines Partikelsystems der spanischen und der deutschen Sprache

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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Departamento de Humanidades: Lingüística, Literatura, Historia y Estética
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Considering the lexical adverb of time or place reference as one of the possible determiners of the relationship between the noun phrase and the adjective phrase, this study tries to establish two paradigmatic systems: 1. that of lexical adverbs with time or place reference in the relationship ((noun phrase) (adverb (adjective phrase))) and 2. that of the determining particles in the relationship ((noun phrase) (particle (adjective phrase))). The concept of determination used in the present working paper corresponds to our corrections of the possible syntagmatic relationships defined by N. S. Trubetzkoy (1939). In other words, unlike the Russian linguist, from our point of view, determination implies a determiner and something determined, which results in something being defined or determined. In order to bolster our theory on the determined (questioned by some of our critics lately) deeper arguments have been found in the works of the great English logician W. E. Johnson, M. A. Fellow of King´s College, Cambridge, especially in his essays on logic published in the1920s. An exegetic paper on the aforementioned topic is in progress for the new edition of the book From Speech to Languages.
Semántica, Pragmática, Partículas, Sintagma nominal, Adjetivo, Adverbio, Lengua alemana, Lengua española
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