Control domótico de dispositivos del hogar a través de una aplicación móvil

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Domotics is a science dedicated to the control and automation of the household. It implies the installation of an electronic system in the household to improve comfort, life quality, security and efficiency. The project’s objective is the design, development and implementation of a domotic system. The general idea is to use a phone application to wirelessly control or automate different electronic components or systems belonging to a household. A component is referred to as an electro-domestic device that will be connected via the digital inputs or outputs of the microcontroller. For example, lights, and alarm system, a thermostat or heating system, a watering system and so on. The phone application will communicate the user’s instructions to the microcontroller, through a graphical interface, which will manage the electronic components or systems that the user wants to automate or control. The communication consists of an initial data transfer via a Bluetooth connection followed by an internet communication, using the HTTP protocol, between microcontroller and phone. The internet communication is responsible for the wireless component control and the Bluetooth communication for the initial data transference, like the microcontrollers local IP or the type and number of components it is wired to, as the project is built in a way that allows many different microcontrollers of different design to be used by the same user and app. Microcontrollers of different design refers to different types and/or number of components connected to said microcontroller via its digital I/O. The microcontroller acts as a Web Server which can be accessed through its URL, composed by the microcontrollers local IP, and will return a web page, an HTML file, when a request is made. The request, made by the phone application, holds the instruction passed from the user to control a certain component connected to the microcontroller. The finality of the project is to establish wireless internet communication between microcontroller and phone so the microcontroller can be personalized depending on the users needs, installed in the household and easily controlled from the developed phone application.
Domotics, Networks, Web Server, Microcontrollers, Automation
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