Patent value index: Measuring Brazilian green patents based on family size, grant, and backward citation

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Objective. The Patent Value Index is created to identify the most valuable patents based on the evidence yielded by different agents in the patenting chain. Design/Methodology/Approach. The agents and indicators are the following: (a) patent holder (number of countries wherethe invention is protected); (b) Brazilian IP Office (INPI, thepatent-granting agent), and (c) users (number of citations). Brazilian green patents were selected for the application of the index. Data was collected on the Global Patent Index. 478 patents were found, the values of which were calculated by theindex. Using the overall score median, the population wasdivided into two groups: (1) upper-half median (composed ofthe highest-scoring patents) and (2) lower-half median (lowest-scoringpatents). Results/Discussion. The results identified converging behavior among the values demonstrated by the three agents,as the patents in the first 183 positions evidence that 65.5% arefrom foreign countries, 77.6% belong to companies, 96.2%have a patent family, 86.9% have a Patent Cooperation Treatyrequest, 78.7% were granted, and 74.9% are cited by other patents. Regarding the 295 patents of the lower median, 94.6% are Brazilian, 44.7% belong to individuals, 22.2% were granted, 4% are cited, and 9.6% have a patent family. Conclusions. The constructed index can be used for those patentometric studies aimed at investigating qualitative aspects of inventions. Originality/Value. A value triad, -with data available in databases-, is created to evaluate patents according to different agents in the inventive chain.
Patent value, Patentometrics, Industrial property, Green patents
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Stefani Cativelli, A., Pinto, A. L., & Lascurain Sanchez, M. L. (2020). Patent value index: Measuring Brazilian green patents based on family size, grant, and backward citation. Iberoamerican Journal of Science Measurement and Communication, 1(1), 004.