Enfoque de proyecto de implantación de una solución IT para la Gestión del Mantenimiento de Flota en una Empresa Industrial

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This document intends to show the content of the TFG, as well as the aims that it tries to reach, the phases in which it is going to be developed and the structure of this memory. The present document constitutes the work of end of degree of the project: Project approach of implantation of an IT solution for the Management of the Maintenance of Fleet in an industrial company. After carrying out several interviews with professionals of the above mentioned industrial sector, improvement opportunities have been identified, related to the lack of automation of the processes and technologies in the area of maintenance of assets that are common to companies of this sector. These opportunities of improvement are:  Possibility of standardizing the processes of management of the maintenance of assets.  Need to obtain a single and centralized view of the information for the correct follow-up of the activity of maintenance.  Analytical Accounting detailed to level of assets.  Friendly solution that eases the work of the technical personnel of maintenance.  Integration of the solution with the rest of company systems. The IT solution that will be developed will be based on the following components:  Implementation of the module of Maintenance of Facilities of the standard software SAP R/3. SAP R/3 is the system of business management with more number of implantations in medium and big size companies in the manufacturer and distribution sectors.  Construction of an integrated real time web application with SAP R/3, that facilitates the daily work of the technical personnel.
Informática de gestión, SAP R/3 (Programa de aplicación), Vehículos, Mantenimiento
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