Design of Low-Cost Vehicle Roll Angle Estimator Based on Kalman Filters and an IoT Architecture

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In recent years, there have been many advances in vehicle technologies based on the efficient use of real-time data provided by embedded sensors. Some of these technologies can help you avoid or reduce the severity of a crash such as the Roll Stability Control (RSC) systems for commercial vehicles. In RSC, several critical variables to consider such as sideslip or roll angle canonly be directly measured using expensive equipment. These kind of devices would increase the priceof commercial vehicles. Nevertheless, sideslip or roll angle or values can be estimated using MEMSsensors in combination with data fusion algorithms. The objectives stated for this research workconsist of integrating roll angle estimators based on Linear and Unscented Kalman filters to evaluatethe precision of the results obtained and determining the fulfillment of the hard real-time processing constraints to embed this kind of estimators in IoT architectures based on low-cost equipment able to be deployed in commercial vehicles. An experimental testbed composed of a van with two setsof low-cost kits was set up, the first one including a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, and the other having an Intel Edison System on Chip. This experimental environment was tested under different conditions for comparison. The results obtained from low-cost experimental kits, based on IoT architecturesand including estimators based on Kalman filters, provide accurate roll angle estimation. Also, these results show that the processing time to get the data and execute the estimations based on Kalman Filters fulfill hard real time constraints.
Real-time estimation, IoT, MEMS, Low cost devices, Kalman Filter, Vehicle dynamics, Roll angle
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García Guzmán, J., Prieto González, L., Pajares Redondo, J., Sanz Sánchez, S., L. Boada, B. (2018). Design of Low-Cost Vehicle Roll Angle Estimator Based on Kalman Filters and an IoT Architecture. Sensors, 18(6), 1800