Análisis, diseño e implementación de un generador automático de presupuestos para proyectos software

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This document presents Bappget, name of the tool developed by the student Juan Manuel Grande González as the Final Thesis for his Bachelor in Computer Science at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Leganes 2018. The project, has been developed exclusively along with the help of professor Ms. Belén Ruíz Mezcua, who has been constantly in touch with the student with the only purpose of easing and tracing the development. The project's objective is to create a web application where the user is able to assign tasks for a software project and estimate a budget in an easy, and friendly way for the user. During the introduction, the final objective of the application will be explained in detail, while through the following chapters, some alternatives to the one exposed are presented, as well as the requirements for the development of the project. Nowadays, the digital transformation of a company is a must, no matters how big or small it is. Said so, every year the amount of money invested on technology in order to improve services is increased, with the aim of gaining more benefits. In Spain there are almost three million companies, one million three hundred thousand of them are known as micro or small companies, which will have the necessity of renewing their products or processes due to the technological revolution that is going on worldwide. Many of the companies are not related with technology, so the uncertainty for the owner of the company will be even bigger at the time of investing in new technology. Bapgget is born as a solution for making company owner's life easier. He or she would calculate simpler and faster an approach of the budget need for future investment on a software project. This tool is a technical solution for elaborating budgets, based on different implementations which need to fulfil several user requirements and provides the total cost depending on the requirements, supposing an ideal DSS for the presentation of proposals.
Desarrollo de aplicaciones web, Diseño de software, Presupuestos, Herramientas web, Pymes
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