Design of a compact planar transmission line for miniaturized rat-race coupler with harmonics suppression

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This paper presents an elegant yet straightforward design procedure for a compact rat-race coupler (RRC) with an extended harmonic suppression. The coupler’s conventional λ /4 transmission lines (TLs) are replaced by a specialized TL that offers significant size reduction and harmonic elimination capabilities in the proposed approach. The design procedure is verified through the theoretical, circuit, and electromagnetic (EM) analyses, showing excellent agreement among different analyses and the measured results. The circuit and EM results show that the proposed TL replicates the same frequency behaviour of the conventional one at the design frequency of 1.8 GHz while enables harmonic suppression up to the 7th harmonic and a size reduction of 74%. According to the measured results, the RRC has a fractional bandwidth of 20%, with input insertion losses of around 0.2 dB and isolation level better than 35 dB. Furthermore, the total footprint of the proposed RRC is only 31.7 mm ×15.9 mm, corresponding to 0.28λ×0.14λ , where λ is the guided wavelength at 1.8 GHz.
Transmission line, Rat-race coupler, Size reduction, Harmonics suppression
Bibliographic citation
Lalbakhsh, A., Mohamadpour, G., Roshani, S., Ami, M., Roshani, S., Sayem, A. S. M., Alibakhshikenari, M. & Koziel, S. (2021). Design of a Compact Planar Transmission Line for Miniaturized Rat-Race Coupler With Harmonics Suppression. IEEE Access, 9, pp. 129207–129217.